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Lennart Jensen

 (b. 1957 in Stockholm)

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"Oljemålningar våren 2021"

Galleri Greger Stockholm 2018

Galleri Greger Stockholm 2018

Galleri Movitz Stockholm 2019

Galleri Greger Stockholm 2019

Kontoret Nybroviken 2019-2020

Kontoret Frihamnen 2020

Galleri Greger Stockholm 2020

Kontoret Nybroviken 2020-2021

Galleri Greger Stockholm 2021

I am a graphic designer and painting artist. After a few years working for an advertising agency in Stockholm I started my own design studio in 1990. My ideas were in great demand and the 90's/00's turned out to be my golden years in hundreds of projects for small and big companies. In the mid 00's I added music production to my service menu and from 2006 to 2016 I wrote music for the American film and TV business.

Parallell to my design and music I have continuously honed my artistic painting skills. My skills were obvious already in my school years and this aptitude eventually led me to the design profession. In spring 2017, after 32 years in Design, I was ready to shift into a higher gear for the ART. The die is cast...

I paint both abstract and figurative motives in oil, acrylics, gouache and ink. Different materials inspire to different approaches and ways to paint. In Oct 2021 I have nine art exhibitions under my belt, whereof six my own.

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