Lennart Jensen Art

Lennart Jensen

 (Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1957)


I have worked in the Graphic Design business for 34 years. After a few years as an employee, I started my own business in 1990. My ideas was soon in great demand and the 90's and 00's turned out to be successful years through hundreds of projects for both Swedish and foreign clients. In the early 00's the design was expanded with music production and from 2006 to 2016 I wrote songs and instrumental music for the American film and TV business.

Having shown an artistic vein already in my school years, I have continuously honed my painting skills through the years in parallell with my design. In 2017 I decided to put in a higher gear for the Art and show it to the public. My first project was a series of inks, which resulted in two gallery exhibitions in Stockholm in 2018. For my third exhibition in May 2019, I changed medium and put together about fourty acrylics under the theme "Naturally!" – a series of playfully painted motives in bold lines and bright colours with inspiration derived from nature's colours and shapes.

For the upcoming fourth exhibition "Ink Paintings" in August 2019 I am back to ink again and have assembled a mix of abstract and figurative motives. This time, the general colorite is slightly more restrained than in earlier exhibitions. Have a peek at nine of the paintings on EXHIBITION.

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